“TelePictures” – The Moon

Best Homemade Moon PictureHave you ever looked up into the sky and seen a face in the moon? It’s hard to tell, really. That is, it was until the telescope was invented.

Looking at the moon amazes me! I took pictures through the telescope’s eyepiece, and called these pictures “Homemade TelePictures.” You will find one right here and the rest at the end of this article.

The moon is another thing in God’s awesome creation that helps keep life on the planet. The moon creates tidal waves, the tidal waves take off, or erode, nutrients into the water, the nutrients feed the sea animals, the sea animals are eaten by the land animals, and we eat the land animals. This shows that the moon is needed to help life live on the earth.

Another cool feature about the moon is how it is a nightlight to us. Genesis 1:16 says, “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.” The “lesser light” is the moon. Without the moon, the Earth would be very dark! The moon doesn’t make light of its own, it just reflects the Sun’s light. That is why it sometimes looks like half a moon, a whole moon, a quarter of a moon, or even no moon at all! These are called phases. You can tell where the sun is at night by where the moon is lit up by the Sun!

We always see the same side of the moon, because the moon rotates (or spins) as fast as it revolves (or travels in an oval) around the Earth.

Before the invention of the telescope, people wondered if life existed on the moon. Through the telescope, however, we find nothing but rocks and craters. People cannot live on the moon, because there is no food, no water, and no air. Plus, in the day, it is very, very, hot, and in the night, it is very, very, cold. When we look at the other planets, we find that they couldn’t have life on them, either. Mercury and Venus are too cold. Mars has no oxygen. Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn doesn’t even have anything to stand on – they are made of gas! Pluto is way too cold.

People argue that there must be more life in the universe, because it is so big. However, we see that there must be so many features that a planet must have to hold life. A “big bang” could not create a planet with all of these features. Only an infinitely wise Creator could create something like that. And when we look at the rocky, barren moon, it constantly reminds us that our planet is a special planet!



This one was our best picture, but it was too small…

Best Homemade Moon Picture

…so we zoomed in.


For this one, we zoomed the camera in while looking through the eyepiece of the telescope to make the picture even bigger.


This is not a phase! I don’t know what was blocking the other half of the moon, perhaps the curtain. The “ghost moon” below it is just a reflection in the window. The last picture in this article also has a “ghost moon.”


This is another one of the pictures that was cropped to zoom into the picture.


DSC06700 DSC06699 DSC06698 DSC06697 DSC06696 DSC06692 DSC06688 DSC06686 DSC06684


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