Evolution’s Logo: The Dinosaur

MagazineA very common evolutionary logo is the dinosaur. Why? Because evolutionists state that dinosaurs lived before the time of humans – millions of years ago. They claim that they’ve dated the dinosaur bones to be millions of years old. But they are not. In fact, Answers in Genesis, a creation proclaiming company, does not hesitate to put the dinosaur on the front cover of their magazine.* The Bible says that humans and dinosaurs were created on Day 6 of creation. In this article, I will give some answers to this issue provided by Answers in Genesis (answersingenesis.com).

They’re Just Too Big!

Could dinosaurs really fit in the ark? They seem just too big! Surprisingly, they can.Noah's Ark

First, the Ark was big. It was 510 feet long, 5 feet tall, and 85 feet wide. The Ark was so big, it could have held 500 boxcars! Also, did you know that the average dinosaur was the size of a small horse? Dinosaurs were usually quite small. Plus, God probably would not have brought full grown adults, but He may have brought young adults. Young adults have more time to give birth, sleep more, eat less, and are smaller.  Dinosaurs definitely could have fit on the Ark.

Why are they Extinct?

We don’t know. Dinosaurs may have become extinct for one or more of these reasons. One, dinosaurs might have been hunted by man. Also, after the confusion at the tower of Babel, man spread out on the earth to different places. The dinosaurs were probably killed as they could be a threat to their families. Third, the climate probably changed after the flood (Genesis 6:13). The dinosaurs may not have been used to the changed world after the flood, so they died quicker than they could have offspring.

Herbivore Dinosaurs

Vampire DeerTake dinosaurs, and put them before the fall. Now imagine what it would be like. The dinosaurs could not eat other animals (or humans) because it was before the Curse, so they would have had to eat something else. That is why we think dinosaurs were originally herbivores, a big, juicy word that means plant-eater. Dinosaurs did not eat meat before the Fall. Why do they have big teeth, then? There are lots of animals with sharp or scary teeth that are herbivores, like the Fruit Bat. It has big, sharp teeth, and it eats…fruit! The Vampire Deer (see picture) and the Black Uakari are also examples of big-toothed vegetarians. Besides, you would definitely need big, strong teeth to open a watermelon or a coconut! 🙂

Millions of Years

Comic from Answers in Genesis - AgeSome people say it took God millions of years to make the dinosaurs, plants, stars, water, and everything else on the earth. They say that each “day” in Genesis 1 actually took millions of years. But that gives us some problems. First, the plants were made on Day 3. The Sun was made on Day 4. If Day 3 took millions of years, the plants would have died from lack of sun before Day 4 came. If the plants died before the Fall, than death would have existed before the Fall, and God could not have called his creation “very good.” Second, God said that “the evening and the morning” were the first, second, third, etc., day.

Dinos in the Bible

Believe it or not, dinosaurs are in the Bible! You won’t find the word “dinosaur” in the Bible, however. The word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented yet when King James translated the Bible in 1611. “Dragon” was, though. And the word “dragon” is in the Bible everywhere. In Job 40:15-24, God talks to Job about the powerful “behemoth” He had made. Some people think it is probably a Answers in Genesis - Not Behemothshippo or elephant, but behold, it swings its tail like a “cedar tree” (Job 40:17)! Hippos and elephants don’t have cedar tree tails. But the dinosaur does! Also, in Job 41, God also talks about the leviathan, a sea dinosaur.

Big Problem for Evolution

Dinosaurs are actually a big problem for evolutionists. You see, dinosaurs were thought by evolutionists to live millions of years ago. However, red blood cells that would have decayed over millions of years were found in dinosaur bones. This is consistent with the creationist worldview, however, because the Bible says that dinosaurs were created on Day 6 of creation, just 6,000 years ago.

Dinosaurs didn’t evolve millions of years ago. They were created by a supernatural Being, a God, that wants you to know Him. But man sinned, and the relationship between mankind and God was broken. Because of this, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, so we don’t have to die in sin and go to Hell. We can accept Jesus Christ in our hearts and go to Heaven to be with the Lord! And who knows, maybe there will be some nice dinosaurs in Heaven!

If you want to know more about “being saved from sin” and beginning your relationship with God, you can visit The Good News page by clicking the link in this sentence.

Special thanks to Answers in Genesis for these useful points and pictures.

*Answers Vol. 9 No. 4 October – December 2014


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