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The Bible Spreading Team (or BST) is an organization encouraging, teaching, and equipping kids and teens to share the gospel and have a good foundation for their beliefs and why they believe the Bible is true. We are still in the process of developing the best argument for the Bible (any help is appreciated) and developing our resources that will both be fun and interesting to the young reader while also teaching them sound doctrine and giving them the “meat” that all young Christians would be better off having.

If you would like to help us with our discussions and resources, please visit the Pizzatic Project page and coin in your opinion on why you believe the Bible is true and what you think of our developing argument. Donations are not currently accepted because we don’t need money for anything whatsoever at this time.


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There are a lot of varieties of music, and there are also a lot of opinions about music. Let’s think about the music we listen to. Let’s try to determine whether our music is good or should be excluded from our life. What are some Biblical principles we can apply to our choice of music? … Continue reading Music

Be a Witness

When you look across the street, Many people will you meet. Some are round and some are tall, But Jesus Christ loves them all. When you look, don’t hesitate You might seal their unknown fate By telling them the awesome news Even if they will refuse Jesus Christ died for our sins We can know … Continue reading Be a Witness

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